Not Your Everyday Thanksgiving Turkey

By November 22, 2018All

Every year we have the same bird the same way. Boring? That’s for you to decide, but you don’t have to sit there and eat that turkey the same way every year. We get it. Why not try something new?

Turkey and cranberries have been the go-to pairing for Thanksgiving for who knows what reason. That’s why we serve our turkey around this time of year with a Mexican twist. Mole.

Mole has been a Mexican tradition for centuries. This sauce containing a blend of spices and chilies has a rich flavor that can turn any turkey into something you look forward to all year round. Turning these spices and chilies into the delicious mole we know today is not easy task. Mole has about 20 different ingredients ranging from chilies, tomatillos, sweet ingredients likes fruits and sugar, and thickeners such as nuts or tortillas. The mix of ingredients are roasted and ground into a powder or paste, which is then mixed with water or broth to simmer until it thickens. At the end of the process a special ingredient is added. CHOCOLATE! That’s right, chocolate is added to this savory sauce. This helps give the mole it’s rich flavor profile we have all grown to love. Once the sauce is finished, it is then served over meat, poultry, eggs or rice.

The Aztecs and Mayans considered mole to be a sacred ingredient that was reserved for only high priests and royalty (you’re welcome). Legend has it that Monk Fray Pascual invented mole to serve for the archbishop. While preparing the dish, a gust of wind knocked over the spices into a pot where the turkey was simmering. And BOOM, turkey mole was created.

To this day, the preparation of mole is still an event that communities gather together to take part in. There is usually one person who is given the honorary position of molera, the head chef.
Maribel, our molera helps us keep the tradition of mole alive in our kitchen! So, next time tired of eating that “traditional” styled turkey, make sure to check out our turkey mole taco, and take in all the history that took place to make it!

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