Taco Talk

By July 25, 2018 All

¿Taco que?

Taco talk is a real thing. If you’re not a regular at taquerias then you sometimes probably find yourself questioning what the heck some of these words might actually mean. Lucky for you we are here to help you figure things out, amigo! After all, we want to make sure you order what you truly want when you come in and get your taco fix.

These are some of the words that you may be unfamiliar with-

Chorizo: Pork sausage usually with a little bit of a kick to it

Huevos Rancheros: Mexican breakfast dish consisting of fried eggs served in a traditional style (you’ll want to try some of these- trust us)

Horchata: a sweet beverage made with milk and rice- sometimes has a dash of cinnamon

Migas: simple scramble dish that combines a yummy carb with other filling ingredients

Guisadoa way of cooking meat, refers to cooked in a stew-like way AKA no dry meat allowed

Al Pastor: deliciously marinated slow cooked pork

Barbacoa: shredded slow cooked lamb with plenty of seasonings

That wasn’t so terrible, right?! Now that you know the essential basics you’ll be ordering tacos like a pro. No more of the “what am I actually getting?!” nonsense. Kiss your gringo card goodbye because you’re officially a taco connoisseur.

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