Sharon and Marivel choosing produce at a market

Our Story of Building a Great Taco Shop.

We Started in Houston, Texas.

Tacos A Go Go opened more than 16 years ago without a bang. In fact, almost no one noticed our tiny Tex Mex taqueria in a small space on Houston's Main Street. Of course, the spot had its drawbacks: a new concept, with no visibility or parking on a brand new light rail system.

One taco at a time, we converted Houston. Our customers discovered that we serve real deal tacos. The real deal because the Mex in our Tex, Mari Gomez, knows tacos. A native of Hidalgo, she began cooking at the age of 6 for her large family. In her kitchen back home, they made everything from scratch…with no electricity - and we do the same in ours today (but we do it with the lights on).

One taco at a time, the taco shop on Main got a rep (the good kind). We've won "Best Breakfast Taco" in the Houston Press many years running, as well as "Best Guacamole" and "Best Taco", and, made Texas Monthly's list of "Tacos You Must Eat Before You Die" not once, but twice. Nationally, both USA Today and the NY Post have named our taco one of the best in the country.

Thanks to our amazing and loyal customers, we share the taco love by supporting community non-profits and local arts groups across HTX. After all, we believe that feeding people tacos helps make the world a better place. So, we're here, your local taco dealer, morning, noon and night to help you get your fix on!